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window and store displays to attract customers

What is it?

Hands-on, in-person training at your store, with your merchandise, with your staff and with your customized merchandising guide.


We create a customized merchandising guide branded to you and your store while educating your staff on the basics of Visual Merchandising and Marketing.

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What you get:

  • Customized merchandising guide (2 hard copies)

  • On-site training with JR Visual Design

  • Interactive demonstrations

  • Hands-on learning exercises 

  • Q&A

Who is this training
good for?

  • Store owners who do not have trained staff to do visual marketing or merchandising 

  • Store owners who want their staff to market their current or new seasonal products

  • Store owners that want to create and maintain a positive client shopping experience

  • Store owners what want to offer training opportunities to their team 

  • Store owners who need their staff to know how to filter in new product effectively as it arrives

  • Store owners who need their team to know how to utilize their fixtures effectively

  • Store owners who want to have a merchandising guide for new hires, so they are trained in visual merchandising and in-store standards

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Results of this training

Your staff will be trained in the art of Visual Merchandising and Marketing giving them the tools and knowledge to effectively use the industries top silent selling tools within your store.


This will also give you a guide to give new team members to ensure they are educated and capable of maintaining the standard of Visual Merchandising excellence.


Your store and team will have a competitive advantage that will set you apart from the rest. 

How it works:

  1. We receive photos of your store fixtures and merchandise as well as details on your current merchandising requirements

  2. We create your merchandising guide based off your brand, store, merchandise, and requirements

  3. We then come into your store to educate your staff with your merchandising guide through interactive training and hands-on learning

  4. We leave you with 2 hard copies of your branded merchandising guide that you use to train new hires or reference when a store refresh is required

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Facts about On-site Training


Visual Merchandising: this tool is used to entice shopping, browsing, the desire to touch, and learn more or want what a product offers.


Strategically placed items in appealing settings that keep customers engaged in their shopping experience is the difference between meeting customers’ needs and putting stuff out for sale.


Visual Merchandising is the silent sales associate that assists in cross promoting product and outfitting items together for a customer’s ease and shopping experience.


Starting at $1000.00/day CAD

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Or do it yourself with one of our E-Books

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