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a layout + merchandising update for your current retail store

What is it?

The store flip is specifically used to increase sales with an existing client base.

Available in store or virtually – this is a complete re-fresh of your entire store to launch your merchandise for the current/upcoming season, to implement new stock, and to give customers an entirely new & exciting in-store shopping experience!


With expert product merchandising and our Trademarked Visual Moments, your store will be equipped to promote new sales and increase add on sales.


Maintain client loyalty with visual displays and updates that excite clients and entice them to make frequent and seasonal visits.

Retail Merchandising
boutique merchandising

What you get:

  • A new layout utilizing your current store fixtures.

  • Professional re-merchandising of retail products to showcase new arrivals.

  • Re-merchandise in store product to revive and bring new life to existing product.

  • Strategic Visual Merchandising to promote sales.

  • Mannequin dressing + styling updates

  • Creating/updating the Trademarked Visual Moments utilizing in store props + décor

  • Detailed finishing touches such as sizing, tag-tucking, re-folding, styling, and finger spacing that instills a standard of excellence.

Who is The Store Flip  for?


  • Store owners who require the trained expertise to update the store for seasonal marketing.

  • Store owners who do not have trained staff to do visual marketing or merchandising.

  • Store owners who want to market their products to increase sales.

  • Store owners that want to create a positive client shopping experience.

  • Store owners with new arrivals that require the expertise to create visual marketing.

  • Store owners who require a store re-fresh to entice new foot traffic.

retail experts
retail display mannequins

Results of The Store Flip


You will get an entirely new in-store experience that will excite existing customers to come back and shop while enticing new shoppers.


The Store Flip is a great way to introduce the upcoming seasons merchandise or filter in new products to create a fresh vibe to build add-on purchases and increase overall sales!


Professional merchandising + strong Visual Displays are the industries silent selling tools that create the positive shopping experiences to keep customers coming back!


Retail stores that use The Store Flip create a guide that their staff can now follow to fiter in new product throughout the season.

How it works:

  1. We gather photos and videos of your store, calculate square footage and layout, estimate the inventory within your space and provide you with a quote.

  2. Once quotes are officially approved, we do the store flip.

  3. Store flips include re-working of fixtures, re-merchandising all products + updating visuals throughout 

Facts about The Store Flip



The value of The Store Flip is it brings fresh marketing ideas and campaigns for new sales, to promote seasonal sales or refresh tired products.


Without a refresh, stores can fall behind in their ability to stay current in fast-paced retail markets.


The importance of “flipping” a store meets the stores need to create new shopping experiences.


Think of a store flip as a new store launch. This gets people coming in just to see what’s up creating customer loyalty and brand integrity.


On-Site starting at $1500.00 CAD | $1100.00 USD
Virtual starting at $600.00 CAD | $440.00 USD


retail merchandising

Or do it yourself with one of our E-Books

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