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3 Ways to Increase the Amount of Time your Customers Spend in your Store...

Updated: Jul 3

Increasing the amount of time customers spend in your store can lead to increased sales. When customers spend more time in your store, they are likely to discover more of your merchandise and make multiple-item purchases, which is a key selling strategy.

There are many ways to create a shopping experience that will extend your customer's time in-store and increase their satisfaction, such as designing your store layout, placing fixtures strategically, merchandising your products effectively, using proper lighting, offering seating, creating visual displays, and meeting high merchandising standards. By focusing on these elements, you can create a shopping experience that will keep your customers engaged and drive sales.

Retail Interior

1. Create a clear and comfortable pathway for your customers to follow throughout your store:

This starts at the front of the store and directs them into each section of the store, allowing them to easily shop all floor and wall fixtures, as well as the products on and within them. If customers feel blocked or cramped while shopping, it can discourage them from browsing and may result in them leaving the store unsatisfied. If customers cannot easily access a fixture to shop, they are likely to skip it altogether.

2. Introduce strategic merchandising and captivating displays:

The merchandising within your store is crucial in creating a shopping experience that will increase customer satisfaction and keep them in-store shopping for longer periods. By using colour stories, categories, and visual elements within your displays, you can attract customers to shop them. If your customers are drawn to all the displays throughout your store, they are more likely to shop in all areas and discover more merchandise, resulting in more potential sales.

3. Introducing and maintaining consistent merchandising standards throughout your store is crucial for a positive shopping experience:

Customers prefer clean and organized displays that are easy to navigate. If your store feels cluttered or disorganized, customers may feel overwhelmed and be less likely to shop or make a purchase.

Here are three merchandising standards you can implement today:

  1. Ensure that your merchandise is sized correctly and displayed in a full-size run. This will prevent your racks or piles from appearing cluttered and overwhelming.

  2. Keep clean, neatly folded piles that are visually appealing and easy for customers to browse through.

  3. Make sure all items are correctly priced and have visible price tags. Customers are less likely to purchase items if they cannot find the price or if the pricing is inconsistent.

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