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window and store displays to attract customers

What is it?

Visual store front displays and in store displays created by JR Visual make a BOLD IMPACT that elevates a store and gets the customers attention. Customers can purchase product in many stores but are drawn to stores by Visual Displays!


Visual Displays are a top silent selling tool in the retail industry that increases foot traffic to the store and draws customers in. Visual Displays communicate a trend, season, or event to your customer. Visual Displays are built to set your store apart from the rest creating an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.


Visual Displays can be a combination of props, fixtures, lighting, décor, product and crafting built and installed as a “stand alone” display placed strategically solely to grab customers attention. We like to think of the Visual Displays as the “photo ops” of your store.


Creating impactful Visual Displays build a stores reputation by making a statement!

visual window display
window display

What you get:

  • A mock-up of the visual display

  • Sourcing of materials

  • Creation and on-site execution of approved design

  • Full installation of the design concept utilizing all materials to bring the design to life.


Who are Visual Displays good for?

  • Store owner wanting to market a current or upcoming season with response driven visuals.

  • Store owners who want permanent Visual Displays within their store to promote their brand.

  • Store owners who want to get attention with a window display to attract customers.

  • Store owners who want to elevate their in-store customer shopping experience.

  • Store owners who want the impactful silent selling tool of JR’s Trademarked Visual Moments

retail window display
Retail Interior Display

Results of Visual Displays

You will have an impactful and captivating visual display within your store that will get people talking, coming in and inspired to shop.


JR’s professional and strategic visual planning instills confidence in the store owner who knows their branded displays make their store unique in their industry.

How it works:

  1. We consult on the area intended for the visual display and provide an approximate quote

  2. We gather inspiration based on season, current events and curate the display with the store with your brand in mind.

  3. A mood board is then designed based on the inspiration + brand and delivered to the client for approval.

  4. We offer one meeting and answer questions making the requested revisions if required.

  5. Once the display meets approval, we begin the crafting and sourcing to execute the display design.

  6. The on-site install is scheduled upon completion of the designed display.

  7. The finished display is the revealed to our clients!

retail merchandising

Facts about Visual Displays


these are the captivating “response driven” strategically placed sections within a store that get a customer’s attention.


Visual Displays create impressions such as: awe, wonder, delight, reflection or connection excitement, humor etc.


Visual Displays are the tool JR uses to cross-merchandise multiple categories of product in a way that ignites captivating customer responses.


On-site starting at $1500.00 CAD | $1100.00 USD
Virtual starting at $600.00 CAD | $440.00 USD

retail help ebook

Or do it yourself with one of our E-Books

Visual Display Gallery

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