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Professional merchandising to create multi purchase sales and the ability to cross market your new and current product within your store.

What is it?

Professional product merchandising of all existing products within your store.


We utilize our top trademarked silent selling tools to merchandise or re-merchandise the products in your store to promote an elevated in-store shopping experience.


Professional merchandising to create multi purchase sales and the ability to cross market your new and current product within your store.

Retail Merchandising
Retail Merchandising

What you get:

  • Merchandising or re-merchandising of existing product in your store

  • We will utilize the fundamentals of merchandising to ensure your product has a strong colour story, is utilizing outfitting to promote add-on sales, is placed within a category that is easily shopped, is accessible to your customers and is aesthetically appealing.

  • Finishing details include styling pieces, sizing each piece, tucking tags, facing product, re-folding + finger spacing to elevate you’re your retail marketing.

Who is Product Merchandising for?

  • Store owner who has limited time and wants a professionally merchandised store.

  • Store owner who wants an updated seasonal display to capture attention.

  • Store owners who want to promote an upcoming event/theme.

  • Store owner who lacks the knowledge or expertise to strategically merchandise their product so that it sells.

  • Store owner who desires a professionally merchandised store that gives customers an amazing shopping experience.

  • Store owners who want experts to use JR’s merchandising service as a template their staff to maintain a professionally merchandised store.

  • Perfect for Stores with products for retail. that sells a product. We specialize in clothing, accessories, beauty and home goods but are not limited to.

Retail Merchandising
Product Merchandising

Results of Product Merchandising

You will have a professionally merchandised store that uses this service to draw customers in, promote add-on sales, create a direct and easy shopping experience for your customers and showcase your merchandise in impactful ways.


Stores that use the JR Merchandising service create a guide that staff can now follow to filter in new product.

How it works:

  1. We gather photos and videos of your store, calculate square footage and layout, estimate the inventory within your space and provide you with a quote.

  2. Once the quote is approved the on-site merchandising begins

  3. Product Merchandising is complete.


Facts about Product Merchandising


This tool is used to entice shopping, browsing, the desire to touch, learn more or want what a product offers.


Strategically placed items in appealing settings that keep customers engaged in their shopping experience is the difference between meeting customers’ needs and putting stuff out for sale.


We use this tool where stores have products to cross promote, or when pairing items together for a customer’s ease and shopping experience.


This subconscious store to customer relationship is built when customers trust, value and attest to your stores ability to meet their needs, and they tell their friends



$200/hr CAD | 3hr minimum

Merchandising Help

Or do it yourself with one of our E-Books

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