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3 Ways to Promote Add-on Sales!

Updated: Jul 3

As a business, it's important to make the most out of your customers' in-store shopping experience.

One way to achieve this is by encouraging add-on sales, which means inspiring your customers to purchase more than one item during their visit. This tactic can not only increase your sales but also create a positive customer experience. After all, you have them in your store, so why not offer them more options to choose from?

Retail Interior Design
Retail Store Design

Here are three effective ways to promote multiple-item sales to your customers:

Retail Store Design
Retail Store Interior


While merchandising your products, create outfits that customers can try on and purchase. Sometimes customers need assistance in pairing pieces together, so by displaying items that create a full look together, you can take the guesswork out and inspire them to buy multiple pieces.

Retail Mannequins Summer Display
Retail Store Interior Display


This is a highly effective way of marketing a complete look to your customers. When you demonstrate to your customers how to pair clothing items, how to accessorize the outfit, and how to style it, it inspires them to make the purchase, so they don't have to figure it out for themselves. By displaying multiple pieces of clothing and accessories on a mannequin, you get the opportunity to sell 2+ items at a time!

Grab and go cash desk
Retail Store Cash Desk

Grab & Go:

Create a grab-and-go area where small items are placed near the cash register or along the path leading to the cash register. These items, such as keychains, lipstick, cardholders, candies, and more, have a lower price point and can be easily added to the customer's purchase as an impulse buy. This strategy allows customers to browse through smaller items while they wait in line or make their purchases, thus giving them more opportunities to add-on to their purchase.

For more ways to increase add-on sales check out our e-books at the link below!

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