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Three Tips for In-Store Mannequins

Updated: Jul 3

Mannequins are one of the most powerful silent-selling tools in your store and can sell an entire outfit to a customer without you having to do any work.

Retail Mannequins
Retail Mannequin Tips


Have a sufficient number of mannequins placed strategically throughout the store: full-standing mannequins, half-busts on tables, upper displays, and in windows to attract customers.


Purchase matching mannequins for a cohesive look.

EX: all white/black, fabric ¾ busts with metal or wood bases, glossy silver, etc.


Fit the clothing to your mannequins. Mannequins are often size XS/S, so use pins and clips to fit any size of clothing to them, providing more options.

To learn more about how to make the most of the mannequins in your retail store check out our How to Dress Mannequins E-Book!

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